Tourism can be a positive force for economic development and environmental conservation, as long as it is carried out responsibly and takes into account the well-being of local communities and the natural environment.

The main objective of Sustainable Tourism is then to guarantee that future generations can enjoy the same resources and tourism experiences as current generations. 

Some of its principles are:  

  • CONSERVE the environment by minimizing negative impacts on the natural environment, adopting environmentally friendly practices. 
  • BENEFIT local communities so that they benefit economically from tourism through job creation, respect for local traditions and the promotion of their products and services. 
  • EDUCATE visitors regarding the importance of preserving the environment and respecting local cultures. 
  • PROMOTE culture and heritage, but avoiding excessive commercial exploitation of resources. 
  • Responsibly MANAGE the planning of tourist activities to avoid saturation, minimizing negative impacts. 


At CYNSA SOUTH AMERICA we are committed to the principles of Sustainable Tourism and implement solutions that reduce our impact on the environment.

We believe in the importance of working with Corporate Responsibility and therefore in our daily work we use our resources rationally by applying these direct actions: 

  • We install energy efficient lighting systems (LED lights). 
  • We use motion sensors to turn off lights in unused areas. 
  • We update equipment and appliances to more efficient models. 
  • We recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and glass. 
  • We reduce the use of single-use products. 
  • We install low water flow devices in faucets and toilets. 
  • We established remote work policies to reduce daily trips to work. 
  • We design spaces that take advantage of natural light to reduce the need for artificial lighting. 
  • We select suppliers and business partners that also follow sustainable practices. 
  • We update our computer systems and servers to improve energy efficiency.