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Argentina  / El calafate

The same as the traditional tour, we take route 11 towards the Peninsula de Magallanes. We´ll start our tour on the self guided walkways in front of the Glacier. We´ll have one hour to walk around before driving 7km back to the Port “Bajo La Sombra”, where we take a boat across the Rico Arm of Lake Argentino, reaching the opposite shore after 20 minutes. The mountain guides will organize then smaller groups (no more than 10 each) to start the 4hr trek. We start walking uphill for about one hour along the glacier lateral moraine until we reach a spectacular lookout where we access the ice. Here the guides will provide the crampons, harnesses and helmets, and give the safety instructions to start the trekking on the ice. The world has now a new perspective: blue lagoons, deep crevasses, huge moulins, magic caves and the unique sensation of being in the heart of the glacier. Always helped by the mountain guides, we´ll have three and a half hours to explore the corners of the most special glacier in the world. We´ll have the chance to know better the ice and the environment, have a real idea of the size of it and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains like Dos Picos (Two Peaks), Pietrobelli and Cervantes. We´ll have time to enjoy our box lunch on the ice and make out of this an unforgettable experience. Once back on the moraine, we´ll walk downhill for another hour to take the boat back and sail along the south face of the Glacier, before returning to “civilization” and having enjoyed one of the most beautiful treks in the world. Recommendations: Age: Due to the physical requirement and difficulty of the land, this excursion is only able for people between 18 and 50 years of and that has an acceptable physical state, considering that you will walk for about 7 hours on ice and “pedreros”. (*) Clothings: Sunglasses, solar cream, comfortable and warm clothes, cap for sun, raincoat, glove, trekking boots, backpack of 40 lts approximately. Lunch: Passengers must bring their lunch boxes from Calafate. To smoke: It is forbidden to smoke during the course of all the excursion; either in the boat, the forest, the ice or in the refuge. Physical state: The passengers must know that they will walk slowly for about six hours approximately, by lands so varied and irregular as ice, forest and “pedreros”. It is light, but relatively more complicated for old people, with problems of vertigo or bad physical state (For example: overweight) (*) Restrictions: due to the effort and difficulty involved on this tour it is only suitable for people between 18 and 50 years in good physical condition, considering about 7 hours walking on ice and forest. Overweight people can not take this tour. Kindly note that overweight people are considered those that exceed this criteria: weight in kg. greater than twice the height in cm. minus 100 (e.g. 1.70 m height: 170 minus 100 = 70 x 2 = 140); pregnant; people with any degree or type of physical or mental disability that affects their attention or coordination; persons suffering central or peripheral cardiovascular diseases using stents, pacemakers and other prostheses; (e.g. medicated with anticoagulants, varices grade III -thick and multiples-, cardiac arrhythmias), people suffering respiratory diseases (COPD, asthma, emphysema, etc). Because of its responsibility and under current regulations, H&A (Hielo & Aventura) reserves the right of admission, exercised under the previous guidelines, when they result apparent.

Argentina  / El calafate

The Blue Safari is designed for those who, in addition to sailing in front of the Perito Moreno Glacier, dream of touching it and enjoying it up close. In this new excursion we will get to touch the glacier with our hands! The tour begins in El Calafate when the bus leaves for Los Glaciares National Park. Once in Puerto Bajo de las Sombras, just 7 km from the footbridges, we will take a boat to cross Lago Rico and, after sailing 20 minutes, we will disembark on the opposite coast. We will walk for 30 minutes always with a view of the southern wall of the Glacier, in case we are surprised by some thunderous landslide and once next to the ice it will be time for an unforgettable experience... touching the Perito Moreno Glacier itself! There we will fully enjoy its intense and varied blues, whites and its capricious shapes. We will have time to take many photos and then we will return to the embarkation point always accompanied by an experienced guide. The total walk is approximately 1.30 hours through a natural terrain of sand and stones with some slopes and stairs. The route, one and a half kilometers long, will be along the shore of the lake and through a lush forest with a view of the Glacier. Finally, we will take the boat to appreciate from the water, and a few meters away, the entire southern face of the glacier and be able to see every detail of the marbled icy wall. Once in the port, we will take the bus to the footbridges, where we will have 2 hours to enjoy the incredible panoramic view. In addition, we will be able to take advantage of this time and have a box-lunch (not included).

Argentina  / El calafate

In this tour, we will visit the Patagonian steppe in a unique way, sailing in double kayaks along the Santa Cruz River from the famous site Charles Furh, located at the mouth of Lake Argentino, to Estancia El Rincon. We will make part of the journey that Charles Darwin made in the area of El Calafate sailing this river in the middle of the 19th century, which gives a touch of history to the adventure of kayaking in Patagonia. The activity begins when we pick guests up in 4x4 vehicles at the hotel in El Calafate and drive them to the Charles Furh area, located 40 km from the city. Upon arrival, we will get off the kayaks from the 4x4 and get ready to live the experience by performing warm-up exercises while the certified guides provide an explanation on how the activity is carried out. All the necessary equipment is included and provided (Gore Tex dry suits, life vest, boots and gloves). Once ready, the kayak begins along the Santa Cruz River and lasts 80 minutes, traveling 15 km until reaching Estancia El Rincon while we can admire the infinity of the Patagonian steppe in this very little explored area. Upon arrival at the estancia, we will be welcome by another of the guides who will offer lunch with a menu that includes grilled provoleta as starter, creole steaks as main course and chocolate mousse as dessert. Drinks are also included. After lunch, we start our returning back to the city in 4x4 vehicles, first driving on a gravel road in the heart of the steppe and then on the mythical route 40 towards El Calafate. Note: the tour offers the possibility that, if any of the passengers does not want to kayak, he can go as a companion in the vehicle. A guide will always accompany this person and he will meet in the estancia for lunch with the rest of the group.

Argentina  / El calafate

This full day excursion in the steppe zone aims at all people who enjoy outdoor activities and adventure, ready to discover new places. The tour includes approximately 3 hours walking on discontinuous ground where wind and water were responsible for uncovering this place, which remained hidden for millions of years. Departure from El Calafate by Route 40, where we can see Argentino Lake, Santa Cruz and La Leona Rivers, a panoramic view of the majestic Andes mountains and Fitz Roy Mount. We will stop for about 15 minutes in La Leona hotel (historical site) and continue traveling along the southern shore of Viedma Lake to reach Cerro Los Hornos slopes (Estancia Santa Teresita). We will look for the first time the great depression of the land where the petrified logs are situated and will start our trekking exploration of fossils, which lasts about 3 hours, including the time for lunch. Throughout the walk we will see lots of petrified logs lying on the surface, some with a 1.2 meters diameter, testimony that during ancient times the climate was very different from today and allowed the existence of a full forest. There have also been uncovered fossils of different types of dinosaurs. This land is sheltered from the wind because it is a natural depression in the ground. This steppe area, therefore, is very dry and weather conditions are generally very nice. After the walk, we begin the journey back to El Calafate on the same path with another stop at La Leona hotel.

Argentina  / El calafate

The glaciers of Mayo Mount and Negro Mount are located in Mayo Canal in Argentina Lake and Los Glaciares National Park. The only way to reach them is by sailing along the lake. Toro Bay: starting at Argentino or Moreno dock; we sail along the De Los Tempanos Canal and we access Mayo Canal of Argentino Lake. We disembark at Toro Bay. Accompanied by a guide we start a walk through the Andean-Patagonian forest, where we will see cherry and cinnamon trees, lengas and ñires until reaching a 100-year-old sherry tree which has a trunk of more than three meters in diameter. Then, we walk across the forest until reaching a stream fed by a waterfall, which was originated due to landslide and where we will be able to observe a lime rock formation of approximately 180 meters high and 100 meters wide. We stay here until we return to the sailing boat will take us to our next stop or destination. Negro Mount: starting at Toro Bay, we sail along Mayo Canal in Argentino Lake and observe the glaciers of Mayo Mount and the hanging glacier of Negro Mount. After disembarking, and accompanied by a guide, we start 1 km walk towards the Andean-Patagonian forest. We will follow a stream which will lead us to the stone wall from where we can observe the Hanging Glacier and where we will be amazed by the 360º views of the landscape, including Mayo Mount and Blanco Mount. We stay for some time in this place before going back to the sailing boat which will take us to the north face of Perito Moreno Glacier. We will disembark at Moreno floating dock, situated at the foot of the walkway, to enjoy the view from the different walkways, and finally we will return to El Calafate * Daily departures; itinerary may change due to weather conditions.

Argentina  / El calafate

After crossing the Patagonian steppe from North to South, you will arrive at the border post “Cancha Carrera” after a 2,5 hs trip. There, you will start to travel through the beautiful South Chile until you arrive at the “Torres del Paine” National Park (“blue” in Tehuelche language due to the predominant color). The trip from El Calafate to National Park Torres del Paine takes 3,5 hs. Once in the park, we will combine rides in our EXCLUSIVE OVERLAND TRUCK 4X4 and hikes, as there are many roads that go along the park and hundreds of hiking paths from one side to another. By default, the level of difficulty of the activities in our programs is low, having the chance to change it for a higher level is the group asks for it. Onboard of our OVERLAND TRUCKS (4X4), we will go to strategic places from where we´ll start the hikes that will allow us to get to the viewpoints where we will have most beautiful sights of the park. Around noon, we will offer you a picnic at the mountain. In case, the weather doesn´t allow it, we´ll use mountain shelters. In the afternoon, where ever the day finds us. Among the different places and viewpoints, you will be able to see: Sarmiento de Gamboa Lake viewpoint, Saltos del Rio Paine (Lunch & walking down beside the river 30’), Cerro Almirante Nieto. Cuernos del Paine – superior viewpoint; Laguna Amarga Las Torres Viewpoint; Salto Grande viewpoint (Big Fall); Viewpoint Nordenskjold Lake de los Cuernos del Paine (Trek by 1.5 hours to Pehoe & Nordenskjold Lake.) Important: the places and viewpoints that will finally be included depend on the weather conditions, the physical condition of the group, available time, the development of the excursion is left to the discretion of the guide tour.

Argentina  / El chaltén

This excursion begins with the pick-up of the passengers by their respective hotels; the guide with the mini bus picks them up at 8 am and drives them to the Los Huemules Natural Reserve. This field is located about 10,5 miles away from the town, by scenic route No. 41 on the way to Lago del Desierto. There is the Natural Reserve that occupies about 5500 hectares, surrounded by very big mountains, glaciers, fantastic forest Woodland. A well conserved green forest (even on Winter) with new ones trees and amazing fauna such as foxes, dock from the torrents, magallanic woodpecker, condor, deer, red fox and puma. Upon entering the Estancia, between 8.45 / 9 am, visitors are received by Reserve guardians and maintenance personnel who register the visitors and collect the corresponding ticket. After receiving the full information about the area, we start a soft walk especially for those with good physical condition. The complete trail takes us by the left side of Diablo River Valley until Diablo Lake. During this tour is possible to see docks from the torrents, puma and deer are also possible to see too, meanwhile 30º Anniversary Mountain and Del Diablo Hill in front of us. After 3 hours we cross the river by a bridge very close to Diablo Lake and then we reach Cagliero Mountain Hut, in front of the homonymous Glacier. There a hot cup of soup, while we can see the imposing view of the front of South Cagliero Glacier and Diablo Lake. After lunch, around 1 pm, we start to come back to the entrance of the Natural Reserve, without repeat the trail, and passing by Blue and Green Lakes. Our mini bus awaits us and around 4.30 / 5 pm we start the return to El Chaltén (arrival between 5.30/6 pm) Slope: 350 meters. Total distance: 16 km (9,94 miles)

Argentina  / Tilcara

Pozo Colorado is a beautiful place with a small village located in the East border of Salinas Grandes. Its 200 inhabitants (native community) base their production activity mainly in extracting salt and breeding the most famous animal in our province: “the llamas”. The native community is currently working to recover its cultural heritage: spinning and weaving llama wool; carving laja stones; manufacturing salt stones crafts; and, recently, along with Caravana de Llamas, using the llama as pack animal. During the car trip towards the town of Pozo Colorado we can enjoy the spectacular landscape of “Cuesta de Lipán”, observing vicuñas and guanacos (south American wild camelids). When we arrive to Pozo Colorado we prepare the llamas for the expedition and we begin the llama trekking that lasts about and hour and a half. We penetrate the salt surface, we visit the salt extraction spots and then we have lunch. After a well-deserved rest, we return to the community to end the journey. Season: all year round (in January and February it migth rain) Difficulty: medium exigency Highest altitude: 3500 meters a.s.l. Duration: 4 hs. (Trekking time: about 3 hs.) Departure hour: 11.30 am Departure place: Pozo Colorado (the journey by car from Tilcara to Pozo takes around 2 hours). Departure location: Pozo Colorado (near Salinas Grandes) Includes: Guide from the community; full lunch with wine (regional picnic); water during the walk. We recommend bringing hat, jacket, trekking shoes and sun block.

Argentina  / Ushuaia

We begin our excursion heading north of the island along National Route No. 3, we will pass in front of the most popular ski center in the area, Cerro Castor. We cross the Andes and start the real 4x4 adventure! We go through huge mud and water roads until we reach the imposing shore of Lake Fagnano. At this point, our guests take a moment to contemplate this extraordinary place and its unique energy. After this, we open roads giving more adrenaline to our trip. We enter the forest to walk through an exclusive area, reaching Lago Escondido where our refuge is located. At this point, our team prepares visitors an Argentine-style barbecue, accompanied with Malbec wine. Finally, we divide our group into pairs and take the canoes to explore the lake. INFO: The order of the activities may vary according to the guide's criteria. The canoes activity may, eventually, be suspended for safety reasons and we do not offer replacement activities. Lunch includes: salami and cheese, typical argentine barbecue with choripán and steak, accompanied with salad, dessert, wine and water. TIMING 08:30 Pick up by hotel 09:00 Departure from the city of Ushuaia by National Route 3 09:30 Valle Carbajal panoramic point stop 10:30 Stop at the panoramic point of Paso Garibaldi 11:00 We take a secondary road to reach the 4x4 circuit 11:30 Entrance 4x4 circuit 12:00 Stop at the high panoramic point of Lake Fagnano 12:30 Arrival at the shore of Lake Fagnano. Refreshment 13:00 Departure from Fagnano by secondary route 13:30 Start of trekking through the forest 14:00 Arrival at the TieRRa refuge on the shores of Lake Escondido 14:10 Lunch 15:30 Start of canoeing on Lake Escondido 16:00 Disembark at the pier and technical stop 17:00 Arrival to the city

Argentina  / Ushuaia

Departure from a downtown office in Ushuaia (very close to the port), towards the glacial valleys near the city. A few kilometers from Ushuaia, the Tierra Mayor Valley and the primitive forest begin to open up to welcome us for a walk to reach one of the gems in Tierra del Fuego. We begin a walk through the primitive forest, which for at least 7000 years made life possible for the first inhabitants in these latitudes. Leaving the forest, surrounded by mountains, we find ourselves in a dreamlike landscape: an imposing valley surrounded by snow-capped peaks. The glacial water of the Esmeralda River encounters the engineering feats of the beavers, which found some sort of a paradise here: Surrounded by plenty of food, and despite of the absence of predators, they still apply themselves to their favorite entertainment: the construction of dams. Then we start the ascent towards the Esmeralda lagoon (due to the peat -spongy mass of wet organic material- we suggest the use of rubber boots or perhaps bring spare shoes). The walk to Emerald Lagoon does not present much of a challenge to exercise-loving travelers: with the appropriate clothing, this walk is quite easy and very panoramic. After crossing the valley, we leave behind the lenga forest and begin a sustained ascent along a slightly steep slope. Emerald Lagoon is located at the foot of the Ojo de Albino glacier, between Cerro Bonete and Cordón Toribio in an area of wonderful chromatic amplitude. This is one of the most impressive landscapes in this region! The way back becomes shorter, in a little steep descent, with new panoramic views. We reach the refuge to enjoy dinner (with drinks included, before returning Ushuaia. Attractives: Tierra Mayor Valley, Emerald Lagoon.

Argentina  / Ushuaia

This full-day excursion takes passengers for a ride, to navigate, to walk and to make discoveries in one of the roughest and most beautiful places in Beagle Channel. Once we arrive to Lasiphashaj river, and wearing rubber boots, overpants and life-jackets provided by us, the group starts a canoeing adventure down the river that leads into the sea. Once canoeing on the Beagle Channel, we set course to the ranch. Along the way we may encounter wildlife: lots of different sea birds. Also, it is not unusual to find sea lions sunbathing in little islands in our way to Harberton port. After 2 hours on the rafts and a short stop on mainland, we leave on a motor boat towards Martillo Island, where we will have the chance to see penguins in their breeding lair. Then the motor boat take us to our main atraccion at Gable Island, where we have some snacks, good wine and a delicious meal. After a nice cup of cofee were go for a hike to know more of this gorgeous island, crossing over beaver damms and through the forest to reach the Beagle Channel shore where we will take the boat to start our return to Ushuaia. 8:00/8:30 Pick up from the hotel. 10:15 Arrival to the Lashifashaj river, paddling technique and safety briefing & canoe prompting. 12:15 End of canoeing. Arrival to Harberton Ranch. 12:30 Navigation bound towards the penguin rookery at Martillo Island and Gable Island. 12:50 Penguin watching. 13:10 departure to Gable Island. 13:30 Arrival an disembark on Gable Island. 13:45 Lunch. 15:00 Hike around the Island. 17:00 Sailing back to Harberton Ranch and ride back to Ushuaia. 18:30 Arrival to Ushuaia.

Argentina  / Ushuaia

Adventure, emotion and the best sights of one of the most beautiful places in Tierra del Fuego awaits North of Ushuaia. The Great 4x4 Adventure is the best way to know Fagnano Lake, the fifth in size in Argentina, while travelling challenging off road circuits with specially designed vehicles prepared to overcome almost any obstacle which might crop up while exploring alluring forests and the coast of the lake. Leaving Ushuaia and heading towards the Garibaldi Pass across the Andes, enjoy a great lookout of the Escondido Lake, a small marvel hidden at the end of a valley. Here starts a tour running old unused roads, passing by Fagnano and Escondido Lakes. On board powerful 4x4 vehicles, the guides drive the passengers to discover the forest by impossible mud roads, roads that become paths ending at the Lake coast. The landscape opens during the longest and more intense 4x4 tour in Tierra del Fuego. The skills of both vehicles and drivers can overcome all types of difficulties to get to an exclusive refuge in the centre of a natural environment, far away from the noise of modern life. Once in the forest close to Fagnano Lake there are free time to walk and explore while the guide prepares a typical Argentine barbecue, to be enjoyed with a Malbec wine from Patagonia to be shared with the group in a relaxed environment. Itinerary: 8:30/90 am Pick-Up from the hotel. 10:30 am Garibaldi Pass across the Andes. 11 am Escondido Lake. 11:30 am Off-Roading 12:30 pm Snack 1 pm More Off-Roading. 2 pm Fagnano Lake. Arrival to the refuge. Lunch 4 pm Return to Ushuaia. 6 pm Arrival. Meals: Choripan (grilled Argentine sausage sandwich, Argentine prime beefsteaks & salad, dessert. Drinks Included: Red Wine, soft-drinks, bottled water. Vegetarian menu available, please tell us in advance. Vehicle: Toyota SW4 (6 passengers + 1 guide per vehicle)

Argentina  / Ushuaia

North from to city of Ushuaia, 100 km long Lake Fagnano divides the island in two. On our way there, we take you first to know Lake Escondido, to experience it, and to row in its waters during this tour that joins adventure, physical activity and fun. After crossing the Andes Range, and some big glacial valleys and peat bogs, at Garibaldi Pass, we’ll get the first view of Lake Escondido. We’ll drive by the coast of this lake to later go on its waters in very safe and stable canoes. As soon as we finish the canoeing activity, we will get into the forest. Through impossible paths, we’ll defy mud, water, fallen trees, and pot-holes… Our guides are experts in off-road driving, and they’ll take us on a roller-coaster like ride through the forest until we reach the endless shore of Lake Fagnano, one of the most pristine areas in Tierra del Fuego, where we will find shelter in our refuge. The guide’s company and the meal we serve will certainly be remembered as one of the highest points as surely will be the Malbec, the argentine wine that is already famous worldwide. The after-lunch conversation will be the prelude to our return to the city. North from Ushuaia, excitement, beauty, unexpected views, physical adventure and discovery are waiting for you. Itinerary: This schedule is for illustration purposes. The definitive timetable and tour plan are due to be agreed with the passenger(s). - 8:30/9:00 pick up from the hotel. - 10:30 Garibaldi Pass. Crossing over the Andes. - 11:00 Canoeing on Lake Escondido. - 12:15 Off-Road - 13:15 Arrival to Canal's refuge. - 13:45 Lunch. - 16:00 Return to Ushuaia. - 17:30 Arrival to Ushuaia Meals: choripan (Argentine sausage sandwich), Argentine prime beefsteaks & salad, dessert. Drinks included: Red wine, soft-drinks, bottled water. Vegetarian menu available, please tell us in advance.

Argentina  / Ushuaia

This complete journey proposes a walk and a relaxed, easy activity in inflatable canoes, in an area where sea, rivers, mountains and forests create a unique place in Argentina. With specialized guides visitors can learn a lot about this unique paradise in the world in just one day. Once we took the Coastal Path (15 km from Ushuaia City) we will get carried away by the this place while exploring on foot, in touch with Nature, 7,5 km of medium-difficulty hike. This walk invites us to discover a real paradise, where the mountains can be reached from the shore of the sea, and the fresh water of rivers and lakes coexists with the marine coast. Near Lake Acigami (former Lake Roca) we will have lunch in our comfortable structural tents to be protected from the weather. After a short break -and after fitting the rubber boots, overpants and lifejackets- we will paddle easily in an inflatable canoe (duckie type, very safe and stable ) from Acigami Lake, down the very slowly flowing Lapataia and Ovando Rivers. Our journey begins in fresh water until we reach the sea, in Lapataia Bay. For about an hour, we will see the flora and fauna of inaccessible places, approaching the point of view enjoyed by the Yámana several centuries ago. We will finally return Ushuaia by bus. TIMING: 8:30 Departure from hotel (*) 9:15 Arrival to the National Park 9:30 Trekking along the Coastal path (**) Difficulty: medium. Distance 7.5 km. Slope: 170 meters 13:00 Arrival to Lago Acigami (former Roca) and lunch 14:00 Paddling technique briefing and canoeing activity. Dificulty level: Low 15:15 Lapataia Bay 16:00 Return to Ushuaia 17:30 Arrival in Ushuaia (*) (*) Approximate times. The timing and the order of the tour activities might change if necessary. Between October and May the hours vary according to the duration of the days. (**) If the Coastal path were not open to the public, the guide will propose an alternative walk, of approximate duration.