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    The White Continent

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    Land of mountains, sun and wine

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    Hornocal mountain range

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    Buenos Aires
    Avant-garde city

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    Iguazu Falls
    Natural Wonder of Nature



Departure to reach the full Patagonian steppe: 130 km northeast of Esquel and in the middle of the Chubut River valley - passing before by Gualjaina town- we arrive at Piedra Parada Nature Reserve, where an imposing volcanic stone stands 210 meters high. From there we begin a trekking entering the Cañadón de la Buitrera, flanked by 150-meter-high walls, which gradually decrease as we advance into the area. This place was the “caldera” of an ancient volcano, whose chimney solidified and gave rise to very peculiar geoforms. The ancient walls with traces of the incandescent material also treasure cave paintings that left the ancient populations of the area. Climbers from all over the world come to the Protected Natural Area.


Magic in the land of Malbec; let's experience floral aromas, violets, red fruit, and fresh spices. Guided by expert guides, we will visit the wineries where the best Argentine wines are born: • Bodega Casarena: located in the heart of Perdriel, just 20 minutes from the City of Mendoza, in the building of a century-old winery, built in 1937, which was completely renovated. Within Luján de Cuyo, it has properties in different geographical situations, both in altitude, orientation, and soil composition. Each soil in the vineyards was deeply explored to showcase all possible expressions of the same varietal. • Bodega Boutique Achával Ferrer: located on the south bank of the Mendoza River. Hand in hand with its winemaker, they have created high-quality wines in limited batches. We will visit the winery, getting to know its philosophy and tasting the wines straight from the barrels. • Bodega Finca Decero: the pairing between Malbec and Argentine cuisine comes true here; this winery is the result of the extraordinary vision of its owner, the Swiss entrepreneur Mr. Thomas Schmidheiny, who discovered in this region of Agrelo the unparalleled potential to create a unique and sophisticated winery surrounded by its own vineyards, which he baptized with the name 'Remolinos'.


An entire experience that combines a 4x4 expedition, a photographic safari and the possibility of a moment of relaxation in an authentic Patagonian estancia “post”. Leaving from El Calafate, a short route takes us to the entrance to Estancia Huyliche; after passing through its main house, we enter "Estancia 25 de Mayo" natural reserve. The first stop is an old stone post where the first family of the ranch used to live and we will have a brief explanation about these first settlers and the beginnings of El Calafate. We continue the tour in the vehicle until reaching the "section", an authentic ranch located in the immensity of Patagonia, where we will make the second stop, to begin to spot native fauna. We make this third stop front of the exuberant fauna after leaving the vehicle and walking towards the herds of guanacos, with a fantastic interaction with nature. Later, we travel about 4 km in the vehicle until we reach a fossilized oyster deposit -which is 23 million years old-, and we will learn about the paleontology and geology of the place, discovering that the desert where we are was once covered by the sea. Immediately we continue the trail south to the Mirador del Centinela -hill of 1,500 meters above sea level- from where we get a stunning panoramic view of endless basalt walls. Here the fifth stop is made, where the moment of relaxation arrives to feel the wind and the Patagonian immensity. Finally, we return to the "section" where lunch or dinner is served in an authentic ranch post, before returning to El Calafate. The house has a spacious living room with a beautiful view of the 25 de Mayo hill.