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Argentina  / Buenos aires

This gaucho day trip from Buenos Aires is the best way to see the real heritage of Argentina; visiting San Antonio de Areco, one of the last towns that pridefully guard their customs and keep their traditions alive. This day trip provides the opportunity to know more about Estancia culture, horses and the gaucho lifestyle that is an emblem of argentine identity. At the Estancia, you will appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the Pampas, and learn about rural life in Argentina. You will meet gauchos and participate in activities such as horseback riding and carriage rides through the surrounding farmland. As you dine, you will enjoy a performance of traditional folkloric music and dancing and an impressive gaucho horsemen demonstration. Itinerary: 08.30 am: Pick up at your hotel in Buenos Aires. 10.00 am: Reception at San Antonio de Areco by our guide, who will show you the picturesque streets of the historical center, pulperias (old gaucho bars), the renowned Draghi’s Silversmith Museum, traditional handicraft, and the Ricardo Güiraldes Gaucho Museum. 12.00 noon: Departure to an exclusive Estancia where you will be greeted with empanadas and a delicious Argentine asado (traditional barbecue). With the guide, you will take a tour to visit the Estancia while hearing stories about this historic working ranch. Various activities will be offered: horseback riding or carriage, traditional folkloric dancers and music and impressive destrezas gauchas (Gaucho skills demonstration). You will also have the chance to discover and taste the ritual of the mate (typical infusion)! During the summer, the Estancia opens its 2 swimming pools. 04.30 pm: Departure to Buenos Aires

Argentina  / El calafate

Having set sail from Punta Bandera harbor at 9AM, we will glide over the waters of Lake Argentino’s Northern Arm to reach the furthest possible point of navigation in the Upsala Channel, where we can enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the Upsala Glacier’s immense front. Then, having disembarked at the shores close to Estancia Cristina, an expert guide will welcome visitors and take them on an exciting trek through the surrounding valley. The hike unfolds along an ecotone area, a beautiful, semi-arid place carpeted in native shrubs and grasses. Next, the walk gradually ascends to an elevated lookout point that bestows sweeping views of the valley beyond, over Lake Argentino and Lake Pearson across to the towering Andes Mountains. From here, continue on a path sloping gently uphill, surrounded by ñire trees, until you reach the highlight of this trek: Los Perros River Waterfall, whose viewpoints not only bestow jaw-dropping vistas, but are also a fantastic spot for observing flowers and plant life especially orchids. Later on, having returned from the trek, we will visit the Costumbrista Museum, housed in the estancia’s old shearing shed where guests can learn all about the history of the Masters family: their lives, adventures and how they became pioneers in Patagonia. Finally, a guided tour will take lucky visitors around Estancia Cristina’s estate–up to the Caterina River, the waterwheel, chapel and rest of the lodge.

Argentina  / El calafate

An entire experience that combines a 4x4 expedition, a photographic safari and the possibility of a moment of relaxation in an authentic Patagonian estancia “post”. Leaving from El Calafate, a short route takes us to the entrance to Estancia Huyliche; after passing through its main house, we enter "Estancia 25 de Mayo" natural reserve. The first stop is an old stone post where the first family of the ranch used to live and we will have a brief explanation about these first settlers and the beginnings of El Calafate. We continue the tour in the vehicle until reaching the "section", an authentic ranch located in the immensity of Patagonia, where we will make the second stop, to begin to spot native fauna. We make this third stop front of the exuberant fauna after leaving the vehicle and walking towards the herds of guanacos, with a fantastic interaction with nature. Later, we travel about 4 km in the vehicle until we reach a fossilized oyster deposit -which is 23 million years old-, and we will learn about the paleontology and geology of the place, discovering that the desert where we are was once covered by the sea. Immediately we continue the trail south to the Mirador del Centinela -hill of 1,500 meters above sea level- from where we get a stunning panoramic view of endless basalt walls. Here the fifth stop is made, where the moment of relaxation arrives to feel the wind and the Patagonian immensity. Finally, we return to the "section" where lunch or dinner is served in an authentic ranch post, before returning to El Calafate. The house has a spacious living room with a beautiful view of the 25 de Mayo hill.