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Argentina. Buenos aires



A tour through the emblematic murals of Barracas and La Boca, though one of its lesser-known faces. Transformative and innovative, Street Art emerged during the 1970s in the USA and soon reached the rest of the world, revolutionizing the art world with its murals, characterized by graffiti and spray paint. Names such as Pablo Lloveras’, Marino Santa María’s and Alfredo Segatori’s, echo off the glittering walls of vibrant colors, calling us from the forgotten corners of Barracas and La Boca, to make us partakers of their stories and characters. Itinerary:
● Art Power Plant and surrounding murals
● San Diego Mural (Segatori)
● Sand Silos Murals
● Colón Factory (Pedro de Mendoza 2163)
● Barraca Peña
● Vueltas Berisso and Badaracco
● Project Seven Murals
● Quinquela’s Return Mural
● Hipolito Yrigoyen’s Train Station
● Lanín Passage