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Argentina. Buenos aires



We will begin with an Introduction of the origins of Soccer in our soil, where the immigrant´s importance to develop this Passion in Argentina Will be highlighted. We will go through Iconic Places such as the ground where the first Amateur game was played. Then we will go over 100+ years of history of this sport in our country; first teams, those that still survive and those that are no longer. Players, anecdotes, myths and legends. Then we will focus on the visit to the two stadiums of the city's emblem teams. The Superclassic; “It is the most intense sports experience in the world”, according to the British newspaper The Sun. We will definitely finish the Tour knowing in detail the sports and social characteristics of each club.
⚽ Museo de La Pasion Boquense It is the first football-themed space in America, it offers the public the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience linked to the most important club in Argentina and one of the most recognized in the world. Modern and impressive exhibition techniques, more an entertaining and dynamic tour for all types of public, show the dimension that Club Atlético Boca Juniors has reached during its more than one hundred years of history. Its triumphs, celebrations and the passion that identifies the club are part of the Museum and attract both fans as visitors from all latitudes.
⚽The River Museum aims to be a reservoir of club history and heritage, able to be enjoyed by the public interested in River Plate and football itself as an expression of popular culture.