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Argentina. Buenos aires



We offer a tailor-made service throughout your stay in San Antonio de Areco: you will be welcomed by local guides to discover the richness of the town and will be invited to visit one of the oldest Estancias of Argentina, combining luxurious comfort and colonial elegance: La Bamba de Areco.
This estancia is full of history and traditions, ideal for relaxing. You’ll have the chance to taste exquisite traditional cuisine and refined service, and you will be charmed by the Gaucho traditions and equestrian sports, such as Polo.

08:30 am: Pick-up at hotel in Buenos Aires.
10.00 am: Reception at San Antonio de Areco by local guide, who will show the picturesque streets of the historical center, pulperias (old gaucho bars), the renowned Draghi’s Silversmith Museum, traditional workshops and the Gauchesco Ricardo Güiraldes Museum (optional: shopping tour around the traditional workshops).
12.00 noon: Departure to Estancia La Bamba, where you will be greeted with delicious traditional asado. Various activities will be offered: horseback riding or carriage, stroll by the river, bikes. During the summer, the Estancia opens its swimming pool.
04.30 pm: Departure to Buenos Aires.

Old town visit.
Complete traditional lunch at La Bamba.
All the activities in town and Estancia.
Swimming pool in summer.