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Argentina. El chaltén



One hour will take us approximately to arrive at the GLACIER VIEWPOINT, from there and towards the north we will be able to observe the unexplored South Cagliero Glacier (950 m.a.s.l.), which for years remained alive thanks to its orientation and the accumulation of snow from Neumayer, Cagliero and Loma del Diablo hills. To the south we find the vertical walls of Cerro Treinta Aniversario and its needles, highlighting the Devil's Tooth.
From the viewpoint, a short walk takes us to the front of the Glacier where the guides will distribute and regulate the crampons with the boots of the hikers, to begin the third part of our program that is the walk and trekking by the glacier proper; and if the climate is mild, you will have lunch on the Glacier. The average stay over it will be approximately 2 hours, depending on the climatic conditions and the physical level of the group.
The return will be made by the same way one way with arrival back to the Information Center approximately 3 hours later. The meeting time with the El Chaltén transfer will be at 5:30 PM.