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Argentina. El chaltén



To get from El Chalten to Lago del Desierto must take the road No. 23, which is ground and runs along the Rio de las Vueltas, for 38 km to end at birth in the same lake. This road is very attractive in itself, since during this trip you will see the transition from the steppe landscape to forest Andean Patagonic. It is through forests and streams, large lakes and beautiful waterfalls. In several sections of the road, will the NE face of Fitz Roy. And before reaching Lake, near the road, is the Salto del Anillo, where a short path leads to a magnificent waterfall on the Rio de las Vueltas.
Upon reaching Lago del Desierto Punta Sur, we will descend to start the trekking to the Huemul Glacier. This point is also the beginning of lake navigations (not included).
TREKKING VIEWPOINT OF HUEMUL GLACIER: the trail quickly enters a lenga forest and in a few minutes begins its ascent by a well-marked path. In little more than half an hour of ascent you get to a point with panoramic views of De las Vueltas and Fitz Roy rivers valley. Continuing about 15 minutes you reach the beautiful Huemul lagoon, fed by the namesake glacier. They are only 2 kilometers and 220 meters of altitude difference.