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Argentina. Córdoba



Departure towards Alta Gracia along Provincial Route Nº 5 passing through an important industrial area of Córdoba city. Once in Alta Gracia, Virrey Liniers Museum, the typical Tajamar, the Church built in Jesuit style and Manuel de Falla’s home are visited. The tour continues to Villa La Bolsa, Anizacate, La Serranita, Villa Ciudad de América, through the beautiful mountain road up to Los Molinos dam. Short stop at a unique panoramic view point to contemplate one of the nicest views of the province. Next stop is at Villa General Belgrano, beautiful village of German origin. From this point, we take the mountain road that leads to La Cumbrecita, past wonderful sites as Los Guindos, Inti Yaco and Athos Pampa. Arrival at La Cumbrecita, located at the foothills of Champaquí Hill, the highest peak of our hills. This small village of swiss-german origin with its Alpine architecture, surrounded by huge conifer woods and cascades, offers the visitor an ideal place to rest. Way back to Córdoba in the afternoon.