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Argentina. Puerto iguazú


Iguaçú National Park (on the Brazilian side) is 185.000 hectares long.
As we get to the Visitor Center we cross the Gates individually to check the loading capacity of the Park.
We immediately get into the buses that tour along within the park and take us to the 1200 trail over the Iguazú River.
At this point, we get a panoramic view of the Argentinean falls, ideal to take pictures.
As we go on, we can see Río Iguazú Canyon, Salto Rivadavia and Tres Mosqueteros. Towards the end of the tour, we will get to Devil’s Throat lower viewpoint 200m away. This beautiful scenery is enhanced by permanent rainbows.
The tour ends at Salto Floriano where an elevator takes us to the bus parking. The other option is to walk the path and up the stairs to the meeting point.

Represa de Itaipu panoramic tour (Itaipu Dam)
Itaipu Dam is an engineering masterpiece shared by Brazil and Paraguay on the Paraná River. It is located 50 km from Iguazú Falls. This visit includes only outdoor areas in Dam and starts with a brief stop at the Interpretation Centre where a documental film describing details of the building process is shown. Then in a vehicle drive and the aid of guides, tour offers a 10 minutes stop in "Central Mirador" to get a panoramic view of the dam. In that place is a brief explanation of its general operation. After that visit continues by bus -and depending on the daily operation- also passes over the dam, with a new stop.
Visit lasts 1:30 hours and can be done all year round, except on Sundays and holidays.