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Argentina. El calafate



Perito Moreno Glacier -declared World Heritageby by UNESCO- is located 80 km away from El Calafat, and it is undoubtedly one of the most incredible spectacles of nature that surprises with its impressive calvings. After taking Route 11 along the south shore of Argentino Lake, we reach the Peninsula de Magallanes where we go on along the Rico Arm of the lake up to the first lookout called “Curva de los Suspiros” (Bend of Sighs), where we see the Glacier for the first time. A well deserved photo stop! Then we go on to the Port “Bajo La Sombra”, where those interested can take a one hour optional boat ride to get closer to the south face of the Glacier. Afterwards we drive the last 7 km to arrive at the walkways, from where we can enjoy different views and perspectives from the surface, front and both sides of the Glacier. Here you'll have enough time to walk around the 5 km of the different trails (green, red, yellow and blue) to enjoy not only the Glacier but also the native vegetation and wildlife. The main circuit is also accessible for wheelchairs. We return to the hotel in the afternoon.

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