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Argentina. El calafate



In this tour, we will visit the Patagonian steppe in a unique way, sailing in double kayaks along the Santa Cruz River from the famous site Charles Furh, located at the mouth of Lake Argentino, to Estancia El Rincon. We will make part of the journey that Charles Darwin made in the area of El Calafate sailing this river in the middle of the 19th century, which gives a touch of history to the adventure of kayaking in Patagonia. The activity begins when we pick guests up in 4x4 vehicles at the hotel in El Calafate and drive them to the Charles Furh area, located 40 km from the city. Upon arrival, we will get off the kayaks from the 4x4 and get ready to live the experience by performing warm-up exercises while the certified guides provide an explanation on how the activity is carried out. All the necessary equipment is included and provided (Gore Tex dry suits, life vest, boots and gloves). Once ready, the kayak begins along the Santa Cruz River and lasts 80 minutes, traveling 15 km until reaching Estancia El Rincon while we can admire the infinity of the Patagonian steppe in this very little explored area. Upon arrival at the estancia, we will be welcome by another of the guides who will offer lunch with a menu that includes grilled provoleta as starter, creole steaks as main course and chocolate mousse as dessert. Drinks are also included. After lunch, we start our returning back to the city in 4x4 vehicles, first driving on a gravel road in the heart of the steppe and then on the mythical route 40 towards El Calafate.
Note: the tour offers the possibility that, if any of the passengers does not want to kayak, he can go as a companion in the vehicle. A guide will always accompany this person and he will meet in the estancia for lunch with the rest of the group.