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Argentina. Mendoza



In the Uco Valley, in the middle of the Andes ridge, at 2,400 m.a.s.l. a unique landscape is the background for this tour, together with magnificent condors flying above our heads... Departing from Mendoza city we head up to the "Quebrada del Condor" (Condor’s gorge) through the village of Potrerillos and "Mirador de la Hoyada" (panoramic viewpoint).We reach the gorge at 10.30 am, were a traditional breakfast will be served. After a brief health and safety introduction, the ride starts. Local guide and docile horses with local "criollo" saddle are provided. At the foot of the "Cordón del Plata" in the Uco Valley, the local wildlife and flora will amaze us. Llamas, condors, foxes, hares and awesome birds will be part of this ride, too. In the middle of the ride, we will enjoy our local infusion, "mate", at the shore of a creek. We will follow then ancient paths to reach a viewpoint at 2800 m.a.s.l., in order to appreciate the unique scenery of the "Cordón del Plata" ridge, and the Potrerillos Valley. At 2.30 pm lunch is served. We will be leaving the gorge around 5 pm; arrival to Mendoza is around 6.30 / 7 pm.
Recommendations: long pants, shoots fit for riding and walking, sweater, hat, sunglasses and sun block.