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Argentina. Puerto madryn


The proposal is a recreational ride, low demand and medium duration. Departure in the morning (if the weather permits) from the offices, where the passengers will be given a previous talk about safety and navigation rules, and current local laws. We then depart to the coast and from there to the historical site Punta Cuevas. In this tour you can have a beautiful view of the city from the sea; during the navigation, explanations of the history, geography and natural resources of the area are provided. Although the sighting and approaching of fauna is not guaranteed, at certain times of the year it is possible to observe sea lions, penguins, whales (Southern Franca species) and a variety of birds. Upon arrival at Punta Cuevas, we will make a technical stop to disembark and to hydrate. After a break of half an hour, we will undertake the return to the place of departure.

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