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Chile. Puerto natales



We will begin our expedition in Puerto Natales, where we will check-in to sail on the catamaran. We begin the navigation through the Señoret Canal, passing by in front of the Bories Refrigerator National Historic Monument, a 1913 construction that stands out for its English-Victorian English industrial architecture. We will continue the trip until we reach Guanaco Island, where we will see the beautiful Magellan dolphins - known as toninas - a must-see wonder. Navigation will continue to our main destination, Mount Balmaceda, from where we can see the spectacular Homonymous Glacier. We will disembark later in Puerto Toro where, together with our guide, we will make a 1 km walk along the shore of the Tempanos Lagoon, through a path of low difficulty. After that pause we will continue towards the Serrano Glacier, through a native forest of coigües, ñires and plums, enjoying the imposing vegetation and the contrast between the sky and the sea ice. Upon arriving at the Serrano Glacier, we will enjoy a whiskey with millenary ice, accompanied by a spectacular panoramic view of the Serrano Glacier. We will make a final detention in a Perales room where a delicious typical Patagonian lunch with lamb roast awaits us.