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Brasil. Río de janeiro



Corcovado lookout is set 709 m.a.s.l., at the very top of the mountain with the same name. From there, the visitor can see nearly the entire city of Rio de Janeiro. Also located at this world-famous tourist site, is the “Cristo Redentor” statue (Christ, the Redeemer). It is accessible by car, using Corcovado road, but we will arrive by train, departing from the Cosme Velho station. Corcovado is set right in the "Tijuca Rainforest National Park” (the largest urban park in the world) which is in the heart of the city of Rio, being considered by locals as the “lung of the city”. From Copacabana the bus takes the route through tunnel "Rebouças", which intersects the surrounding mountain range, reaching "Laranjeiras District". From there, a cogwheel train, constructed by Swiss engineers, takes visitors up–passing lovely parts of the forest allowing visitors to have panoramic views of the city while climbing up. Finally, after reaching the mountain top, escalators are available as well as elevator to assist passengers reaching the statue – which stands on its 28 meters of height. And the most marvelous view of the city.
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