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Argentina. Ushuaia

This tour departs from Touristic Pier and proposes a navigation through Ushuaia Bay and Beagle Channel to contemplate the city of Ushuaia, in one of its best postcards. This city offers a unique combination of mountains, sea and forests. Olivia and Cinco Hermanos hills, the Fique and Túnel ranches can also be observed. The navigation brings us closer to the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse where you can see a colony of cormorants. On the way back you can photograph the Isla de los Lobos - to enjoy this attractive marine mammal, the seal - and the Despard Island, imperial cormorants’ natural habitat. During the trip we observe Magellan cormorants and the majestic imperial cormorant, albatrosses, fullman petrels, giant petrels, squas and twenty different species of sea birds.

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