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Argentina. Ushuaia



We leave from the hotel towards Tierra Mayor Valley. Our Musher instructor will welcome us and give us an introductory chat about the dogsledding world, while we visit the kennels. Then we´ll receive the instructions about sled assembly and driving techniques. We´ll put the harnesses on the dogs, we hitch them to the sled and off we go! This intense adventure is great fun! As we go, our sled caravan heads into the snowy valley until we arrive at Refugio del Hachero, where we´ll recover energy with some hot beverages. After a short rest, mushers and dogs continue the journey through forests, frozen rivers and experiencing the magic white silence. Maximum 8 pax and 4 sleds. Passengers must be in good health, must like dogs and have a team spirit. Dogsledding is comparable to cross country skiing, so reasonable fitness is required.