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Argentina. Ushuaia


Every land has its own secrets but not everyone is chosen to know them: a lighthouse in a lonely cape, a mysterious sunken ship for 40 years and a distinguished antique “estancia” are some of the icons that reveal the unknown stories of Tierra del Fuego. Very early in the morning departure from Ushuaia following National Route 3 and crossing The Andes through the Garibaldi Pass. We stop by the little town of Tolhuin, heart of the island, to visit La Unión Bakery. This is a traditional meeting point for both, locals and visitors, and it is part of the charm of this village. By midday we come to the Provincial Route “A”, where we took a gravel road heading toward the Atlantic Ocean and the San Pablo Cape. At this point, we hiked up to an isolated mountain with an abandoned lighthouse at the end. Climbing to the top of this beacon we will appreciate “Desdemona”, an abandoned ship for almost 40 years ago which invites us to sail through time. It happened on a cold winter morning in1983 when this enormous craft ran aground on the shores of the Argentine Sea. After exploring this mysterious giant, we visit Estancia Rolito. This lovely ranch, that keeps the spirit of a family business based on sheep farming tradition, is the first ranch to open its gates to rural tourism.