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Argentina. Ushuaia



After a brief safety talk at the office located in the old Ushuaia airport, we will take off to the North flying over the Ushuaia Bay, the port and the city to enter the Olivia River Valley, appreciating the majestic Mount Olivia and Mount Cinco Hermanos. We will begin to see the magnificent Carbajal Valley, with its surprising composition of peat, accessing a second mountain range that houses the beautiful Laguna Esmeralda. We will turn south, crossing again the Andes Range and heading towards the Beagle Channel, to fly over the old Estancia Remolino: there we will be able to appreciate its abandoned building and facilities, and the Sarmiento Ship stranded in that bay since 1912. On our return, we will follow the coast of the Beagle Channel to observe the Estancia Túnel and the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. Just before reaching our destination, we will make a landing on the top of a mountain in the Andes where we can descend to appreciate the magical environment and enjoy a unique moment, accompanied by a champagne toast. Finally, we return to the heliport.