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Argentina. Ushuaia



This complete journey proposes a walk and a relaxed, easy activity in inflatable canoes, in an area where sea, rivers, mountains and forests create a unique place in Argentina. With specialized guides visitors can learn a lot about this unique paradise in the world in just one day. Once we took the Coastal Path (15 km from Ushuaia City) we will get carried away by the this place while exploring on foot, in touch with Nature, 7,5 km of medium-difficulty hike. This walk invites us to discover a real paradise, where the mountains can be reached from the shore of the sea, and the fresh water of rivers and lakes coexists with the marine coast. Near Lake Acigami (former Lake Roca) we will have lunch in our comfortable structural tents to be protected from the weather. After a short break -and after fitting the rubber boots, overpants and lifejackets- we will paddle easily in an inflatable canoe (duckie type, very safe and stable ) from Acigami Lake, down the very slowly flowing Lapataia and Ovando Rivers. Our journey begins in fresh water until we reach the sea, in Lapataia Bay. For about an hour, we will see the flora and fauna of inaccessible places, approaching the point of view enjoyed by the Yámana several centuries ago. We will finally return Ushuaia by bus.
8:30 Departure from hotel (*)
9:15 Arrival to the National Park
9:30 Trekking along the Coastal path (**) Difficulty: medium. Distance 7.5 km. Slope: 170 meters
13:00 Arrival to Lago Acigami (former Roca) and lunch
14:00 Paddling technique briefing and canoeing activity. Dificulty level: Low
15:15 Lapataia Bay
16:00 Return to Ushuaia
17:30 Arrival in Ushuaia (*)
(*) Approximate times. The timing and the order of the tour activities might change if necessary. Between October and May the hours vary according to the duration of the days. (**) If the Coastal path were not open to the public, the guide will propose an alternative walk, of approximate duration.