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Argentina. Ushuaia



North from to city of Ushuaia, 100 km long Lake Fagnano divides the island in two. On our way there, we take you first to know Lake Escondido, to experience it, and to row in its waters during this tour that joins adventure, physical activity and fun. After crossing the Andes Range, and some big glacial valleys and peat bogs, at Garibaldi Pass, we’ll get the first view of Lake Escondido. We’ll drive by the coast of this lake to later go on its waters in very safe and stable canoes. As soon as we finish the canoeing activity, we will get into the forest. Through impossible paths, we’ll defy mud, water, fallen trees, and pot-holes… Our guides are experts in off-road driving, and they’ll take us on a roller-coaster like ride through the forest until we reach the endless shore of Lake Fagnano, one of the most pristine areas in Tierra del Fuego, where we will find shelter in our refuge. The guide’s company and the meal we serve will certainly be remembered as one of the highest points as surely will be the Malbec, the argentine wine that is already famous worldwide. The after-lunch conversation will be the prelude to our return to the city. North from Ushuaia, excitement, beauty, unexpected views, physical adventure and discovery are waiting for you.

This schedule is for illustration purposes. The definitive timetable and tour plan are due to be agreed with the passenger(s).
- 8:30/9:00 pick up from the hotel.
- 10:30 Garibaldi Pass. Crossing over the Andes.
- 11:00 Canoeing on Lake Escondido.
- 12:15 Off-Road
- 13:15 Arrival to Canal's refuge.
- 13:45 Lunch.
- 16:00 Return to Ushuaia.
- 17:30 Arrival to Ushuaia

Meals: choripan (Argentine sausage sandwich), Argentine prime beefsteaks & salad, dessert. Drinks included: Red wine, soft-drinks, bottled water. Vegetarian menu available, please tell us in advance.